US Donated to BiH Border Police Equipment for Border Control

vinko dumancic- (1)The US government donated to the BiH Border Police sophisticated equipment of the newest generation to detect contraband and specialist equipment to monitor the border zone in the value of 81,000 US dollars.

Among the donated equipment are: binoculars for night surveillance, long-range binoculars, thermal and wireless cameras, pagers and more. In addition to specialist equipment, the BiH Border Police was given 55 computers worth around 57.000 US dollars, announced the BiH Border Police.

On this occasion, the Director of BiH Border Police Vinko Dumančić received the regional advisor of the EXBS Program of the US government Christopher Milam.

Milam expressed satisfaction with the cordial welcome, while stressing that the donated equipment would increase the efficiency in the work of members of the BiH Border Police and to reduce the time required for inspection of vehicles at border crossings.

He expressed the readiness of the EXBS Program to strengthen capacity in the next period of the BiH Border Police in a similar way as to how it was done in the previous period.

Director Dumančić thanked him for the donated equipment, and said that it will be used for the right purposes, and it would increase the efficiency of the Border Police of BIH. He once again spoke of the importance of cooperation and support of the US government for the further development of the BiH Border Police, said in the statement.

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