Up to 300 Active Wildfires on a Daily Basis in BiH!

In the eastern Herzegovina region, there 15 active wildfires, which do not endanger residential property and property of citizens, it is stated by the Regional Center of the Republic Civil Protection Administration, headquartered in Bileca.

In the area of Gacko municipality, there are active fires in the places of Donja Bodezista, Braicevici and Cernica, and in the day a fire broke out on Lipnik, which threatened to endanger the houses, but firefighters managed to extinguish.

In the area of Ljubinje municipality, there is still an active fire at the village Krtinje, which spreads in the direction of Vidusa Mountain, as well as a fire in Zrvanj.

According to information from the Regional Center, there are active fires in the area of Nevesinje municipality in villages Zalom, Kolesko, Kovacici, which do not threaten settlements.

Firefighters have extinguished four fires in the area of Nevisinje municipality during the day.

Five fires are active in the area of Bileca, in the villages of Border, Davidovici, Baljci, Seliste and Simijovo and they do not endanger residential buildings.

In the area of Trebinje there is still an active fire on the Trebinje hills which does not endanger the property of the citizens.

Members of the fire brigade units from Eastern Herzegovina have been struggling with fires while new ones are being created on a daily basis.

During spring, wildfires are more frequent throughout BiH, and they are mostly triggered by conscious man’s actions. According to the Federal Civil Protection Administration data, there are up to 300 fires throughout the country during the day which can directly endanger human lives and property.


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