Unusual Story: They replaced Life in Vienna with a Village in BiH

They decided to replace their exciting life in Vienna with a rural idyll in the village of Zagoni in BiH.

Sonja and Miladin Savic returned four months ago and they turned to nature, healthy diet and peace in which they want to raise their two daughters.

They showed that they see their future in their homeland, unlike many young people who are leaving BiH, and believe that they have a better perspective in some other European countries.

They stated that although they live less glamorous than in Austria, they never regretted the decision to return to Semberia because, as they say, they are happy, satisfied and fulfilled here.

Seven years ago, they planted hazelnut on a hectare of land in Miladin’s native village Zagoni, and they also planted chokeberries and strawberries on the other plot. They purchased a machine intended for the production of press cold oil and juices and they eat exclusively what they produce.

They said that it was not easy to adapt to a completely new way of life but they managed to do it with a lot of love and good will. They also noted that they are following the latest achievements and that the strawberry is very good on their land.

Sonja Savic stated that their life is completely changed in comparison to the last year.

“Peace and nature in the village are what we really like. We live in harmony with the nature, without any stress. We produce everything without pesticides and other chemical components. Many people were skeptical when we announced that we will return to our homeland. Now they admire our courage to do it and we can often hear the comments of our friends who are thinking to do the same thing,” said Sonja.

Sonja and Miladin Savic said that they do not have some great experience in the field of agriculture and that they learn something new every day. They are planning to expand the plantations to a greater production of healthy products, which will guarantee them their survival and existence in the future.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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