The unusual Hobby of Father and Son from BiH: They collected over 1,000 Register Plates

Djuro (1971) and Dusan Tesla (1996), father and son from Banja Luka, collected more than 1,000 unusual and rare specimens of registration plates in the previous years.

“Now it is a fine, valuable collection. I have a large number of copies linked to the past war, which have a great value, not financial but historical,” said Djuro Tesla.

They are not sure how many they actually have, because they have never counted the registration plates they collected, and besides, their number is constantly changing. Over the past seven days, they bought a lot with about 50 copies, because they needed a few plates from that lot.

Their oldest plate is from 1928, i.e. from the period of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. There are also plates from the period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, as well as the period of the World War II, and they also have a plate from the Independent State of Croatia, as well as a plate that was used by the German army.

Djuro Tesla said that only a few people in BiH are collecting the registration plates. According to him, there are those who are trying to make some money with plates, as well as those who collect them from love.

He added that besides collecting the registration plates, they are also collecting medals, pilot helmets, military emblems, helmets, bayonets…

According to them, modern technology, or the Internet, make dealing with this hobby a lot easier, and besides visits to domestic and foreign sites where they purchase rare copies, they also often participate in auctions online.

“I bought everything I wanted to buy, and the plates that are not rare are easier to find. I got everything I wanted and I almost finished the collection,” concluded Dusan Tesla.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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