United States Agency for International Development and BiH launch New Development Strategy

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina today launched a new five-year development strategy to assist the country’s economic and democratic development.

The new Country Development Cooperation Strategy, approved late last year by USAID headquarters in Washington will guide USAID activities and investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina through 2025. The strategy’s goal is to help Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens to hold their government accountable, participate in a robust, legitimate economy, and value and promote an inclusive society.

“The strategy will help the citizens and the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina over the next five years move that much closer to the day when the country is fully self-reliant and able to resolve its own development challenges,” said USAID/BiH Mission Director Nancy J. Eslick.  “The goal of all U.S. foreign assistance is to see the day when countries stand on their own as full development partners with the United States and fellow allies.”

“It is a pleasure to work with USAID. Bosnia and Herzegovina is ready for full cooperation with USAID to accelerate economic growth, improve managing public finance, and strengthen C-TIP efforts” said Zoran Tegeltija, Chairman of the Council Of Ministers.” The Council of Ministers of BiH is grateful for this new, five-year commitment and looks forward to even greater development working with the United States in the future.”

The new development strategy replaces one launched in 2012 and completed last year.  The strategy functions as a roadmap for USAID and the government to achieve the strategic goals outlined in the document.  Projects designed by USAID during the strategy period are targeted to achieve both the project’s specific goals and USAID’s broader strategic goals.  For example, USAID’s new Developing Sustainable Tourism project, officially launched in January 2021, will help the country develop a stronger tourism industry, which meets one of the strategy’s goals of helping citizens participate in a robust, legitimate economy.

The strategy was developed by USAID/BiH in consultation with a broad range of interests in the country, including government, civil society, the private sector, and others.  

A public version of the Strategy is available via this link:

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