United Kingdom is 10th Investor in BiH

Newly apointed Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Ambassador to the United Kingdom Vanja Filipovic is preparing at the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of BiH (FIPA) to work on attracting new British investment in BiH.

FIPA Director Gordan Milinic informed him that there is an ample space and chances to increase British investment, as the UK currently ranks 10th on the BiH investor list.

So far, 453 million BAM of investments have been received from the UK, which is 3.4% of the total investments in BiH and 126 British companies have participated in the investment, the most important being EFT, Steal-min, Mineco, Mital, RPC and others.

FIPA has been working hard to attract British investors, so recently, together with the BiH Embassy in London, an investment forum and participation in a well-known investor gathering – the Going Global FDI – have been organized.

The new ambassador Filipovic has expressed his willingness to join the FIPA effort and is intensively working with contacts with all potential investors from the UK.

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