Unique in their own Way: “Drown in Your Venom” Metalcore Band in BiH

“Drown in Your Venom” is an alternative metalcore band from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Currently, the band consist of only two members, but is looking to recruit some new ones. The members are Tin Marjanovic, who plays guitar and does all the vocals, and Miran Kostic who is the man behind the drums. They were previously known as “Sold Out !” and released a demo single “Alienation Effect” among a few others. The song also features the bassist Amir Muminovic who recently left the band. The band was formed in February 2017 and has done a few small gigs at local clubs before deciding to start writing and recording their debut demo album “Therapy“.  After a small show in a local club, a producer (Haris Saracevic) approached them with a proposal to record a song with them. That song became the first single from the upcoming album. The song is titled “Tantrum, Vemod, Tantrum…“

The theme of the song is emotions and events that had a great impact on a person in the past and refuse to stay in the past. The meaning behind the title is the process a person goes through when the past emotions reappear. First they burst (tantrum), than they vemod (it is a Swedish word for a calm feeling after something emotionally significant is over and seemingly will never be back), than they burst again and the cycle repeats itself. “The only purpose of our band is to tell our stories and show to the world how we feel,“ said Tin Marjanović.

The recording process was very enjoyable for the band. The drums were recorded first, because they determined the structure of the song. After that, guitars and bass were recorded and, in the end, the vocals. Of course, everything was recorded live. The sheer recording of this song was very emotional, because in every song Drown in Your Venom writes, they represent themselves and what they were feeling at the moment the song was recorded.

The upcoming album is expected to drop at the beginning of 2018. The band has exclusively published the tracklist for the 15 song album. The ones interested can take a look at the video below:



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