Unforgettable Sarajevo, the City that Everyone falls in Love with

masterSarajevo, a blend of east and west, a blend of cultures and nations, and a crossroads of life. Rare are the cities that radiate such warmth and welcome as this Bosnian gem. Sarajevo is also a city of entertainment, a destination recognized across Europe after its good parties, sevdah and, of course, food. Where to go out in Sarajevo? Depends on what you are interested in.

Being in Sarajevo and not tasting some of the dishes is same as being in Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Bosnian cuisine is mostly similar to Turkish. However, the long Austro-Hungarian rule has brought the influence of Central Europe as well. The blend of these two “environments” can be best experienced on a plate. Bosnian cuisine uses many spices, majority of which were brought by the Turks during their arrival to this area. Cabbage rolls, broths, pitas and ćevapi are something that attracts many visitors to this city.

For all those who love pitas and burek, there is the Pita Shop ASDŽ. They prepare the best pitas and are often a reason why people come back to this city. Although ćevapi are served on every step, the best ćevapi restaurant according to customer reviews is Mrkva, located in Baščaršija. Fifty years of existence speaks enough about the quality of offer.

Apart from food, Sarajevo is also a cultural center. It has four theaters, which became favorite spots for citizens and visitors of Sarajevo due to their rich repertoire. National Theater Sarajevo is the oldest theater in BiH, founded in 1919. Its stage hosts plays, ballets, operas and concerts of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra. The youngest Sarajevo theater is the Sarajevo War Theater – SARTR, where young actors produce new plays every month. Lovers of experimental theater will find their spot in the Chamber Theater, and kids will enjoy in the plays of the Youth Theater. Just like prior to the war, Sarajevo enjoys great reputation in the art community. Majority of exhibitions is held at the Art Gallery of BiH, which owns a collection of more than 6.000 valuable works of art.

Also worth mentioning are the places where one can enjoy good music, especially sevdah. Sevdah is a sort of a symbol of BiH and Sarajevo in general. One can best enjoy the sounds of traditional song while visiting the Museum Art House of Sevdah whose exhibition contains items from the life of important musicians. Internal part of the complex is the covered yard Velike daire, where you can enjoy the best sevdalinkas and live performances with a cup of coffee.

Since Sarajevo is visited by many young people who explore the city during the day and look for places to party at night, Sarajevo is full of clubs and pubs where you can find younger people having fun with loud music. Many clubs often host cover bands that raise audience to the feet with their performances. If you love Jazz, visit the club Monument, and those who love pop rock music should visit clubs such as Cinemas Club, Mash, Underground, Celtic or Beer House HS. If you are more of an electronic music type, then you have to visit Aquarius Vils, Hacienda or Silver&Smoke. However, regardless of where you go, one thing is certain: you will have great fun. That is primarily because of hospitable and nice people who will forget about all their concerns and make sure that you have a great fun and keep Sarajevo in good memory.

(Source: akta.ba)

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