Unemployed Mothers from all Cantons in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina to receive equal Benefits?


By the end of the year, if all what is planned is fullfilled, the unemployed mothers from all cantons in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina will receive equal benefits. If the Federal Parliament passes a law on the protection of families with children, it will mean that all unemployed mothers will receive a monthly benefit of 60 percent of the average salary in the FBiH.

Also, the same amount of child allowance will be determined.

The President of the Club of Parliamentarians Kenela Zuko (SDA party), explained to Avaz news portal that all cantons gave their consent to the Draft according to which, when the law is finally passed, the cantons will pay maternity benefits and Federation of BiH will pay child allowances.

Zuko explained that allowances will be uniform, unlike the current situation.

“We now have a situation that in Zenica-Doboj Canton, the child allowance is 21 BAM and in Sarajevo between 50 and 60 BAM. In some parts of the Federation, benefits are paid to unemployed mothers, in some cases they receive a lump sum benefit and in some cantons nothing. This will be corrected with a systemic solution,” Zuko said.

After the House of Peoples passes the draft in mid-February, the bill goes into public debate.

Thereafter, the Federal Government will prepare the bill and refer it back to the Federation Parliament for adoption, followed by implementation.

The fact that there are serious intentions of the federal authorities to regulate this area systematically is evidence that the budget of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2020 has already adopted an item of 20 million BAM for unemployed, Ekapija business portal reports.




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