UNDP has reconstructed more than 140 Public Buildings across BiH

The Red Cross of Orašje has organized the ceremonial program to mark the finalization of energy retrofit of the building. On that occasion, the students of the Primary School Orašje, the volunteers and the members of the Red Cross branch have performed simulation exercise of providing first aid after fire with multiple number of injured persons and have shown top quality skills and training.

Marie Bergström, Head of Swedish Development Cooperation, Đuro Topić, Prime Minister of Posavina Canton Government, Stanko Vincetić, Mayor of Orašje Municipality, Ružica Mikić, President of Red Cross of Orašje and Elvis Hadžikadić, Project Manager, UNDP Green Economic Development Project, attended the ceremony.

Marie Bergström, the Head of Swedish Development Cooperation, said that this was her first visit to Orašje and that she was really glad to have the opportunity to learn about the activities of the Red Cross. “The environment protection is one of the main priorities for the Swedish Government. The energy efficiency measures improve the interior of buildings, the external environment and provide financial savings. Our joint work with the UNDP is extremely important for Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of environment improvement” emphasized Bergström.

Ružica Mikić, the President of Red Cross of Orašje thanked the investors: the Environmental Fund of the Federation BiH, the Government of Sweden and Municipality of Orašje for the funds provided for the energy retrofit of the building, as well as the UNDP for the implementation of the works. The Red Cross of Orašje employs 57 individuals.

The investors provided BAM 72,000 for the new thermal façade, renovation and thermal insulation of the roof and replacement of the part of external joinery. Also the employees of the social enterprise INkluziV, established by the Red Cross of Orašje, presented their activities. The main objective for the establishment of INkluziV was the employment of persons with disabilities.

Đuro Topić, the Prime Minister of Posavina Canton Government, said: “I believe that we all remember the time five years ago when the Red Cross of Orašje gave enormous contribution to the rehabilitation in the natural disaster aftermath. Since that period we started to strengthen the Red Cross to be prepared for future similar situations. We will also provide support to their new projects related to home care and assistance to elderly persons at their homes.”

The Mayor of Orašje Municipality, Stanko Vincetić expressed his satisfaction about the reconstruction of the Red Cross building. “The Red Cross is the non-governmental organization, and it is very important for the lives and social policy in this region. The Red Cross supplements our activities on the field and in the Orašje they have been doing a great job since the floods. The Municipality of Orašje took part in this project of energy retrofit due to the importance of the Red Cross” said Mayor Vincetić. He also used the opportunity to thank the Environmental Fund of the Federation BiH, the Government of Sweden, and the UNDP as the implementer of the works.

The UNDP together with the partners has reconstructed more than 140 public buildings across BiH, providing for more than BAM 4 million savings in the budgets and improving the indoor and working conditions for more than 110,000 beneficiaries. We are glad to be part of this beautiful story in which the Orašje Municipality employed 57 persons with disabilities and in social need, and we contributed by the reconstruction of the building ensuring better indoor and working conditions for them, emphasized Elvis Hadžikadić, UNDP GED Project Manager.

Following the presentation of the simulation exercise, Bergstrom said: “You as young people have shown that you know how to take care of the society and the people in your community, and the community should be proud of you. Keep the good work, keep learning new things and you will ensure good future to yourselves.”

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