UNDP comments after Scandal with PCR Tests in BiH

In reference to recent media coverage related to procurement of PCR tests, UNDP would like to correct a few inaccuracies:

UNDP is fully committed to supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina in its time of need while managing our donors’ and partners’ funds with the utmost professionalism and diligence.

Regarding the allegation of irregularities in the procurement process we emphasize that UNDP follows and applies in Bosnia and Herzegovina its own corporate procurement rules and procedures, designed and implemented according to principles of the best value for money, fairness, integrity, competitiveness, and transparency. Detailed procurement regulations and procedures are available to the public online. (

The statement that 204,900 PCR tests were donated is factually incorrect, as UNDP delivered 204,900 PCR tests to the Republika Srpska Institute of Public Health during a period from April 2020 to August 2021. Out of a total of 204,900 PCR tests delivered, 179,000 were funded by the Republika Srpska Institute of Public Health (therefore they do not represent donations), while 25,900 were donor funded.

Before concluding a contract for procurement of PCR tests, the offered PCR tests went through double checking of quality and acceptability. One of the requirements within the tender procedures was that the supplier and the test be registered with the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of BiH. Generic PCR specification commonly used in procurement is based on WHO standards and confirmed by end users before the tender is published. Only the tests that were either on the list of approved tests by the WHO or passed the UNDP mandatory verification by health experts located in Global Health Unit were considered for procurement. 

Anyone, including UNDP staff, contractors, partners and the general public, can submit allegations of misconduct directly to UNDP’s Independent Office of Audit and Investigation, using publicly available contacts.) Every allegation is reviewed and, where appropriate, fully investigated.

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