Unbowed City of Sarajevo survived over all Forms of Fascism and Terror

Sarajevo Decorations starturist.comYesterday in the City Hall of Sarajevo was held the formal session on the occasion of the birthday of capital city of BiH. Chairman of the City Hall Suljo Agic opened the solemn session, and the audience was addressed by the Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komsic who welcomed the guests.

“I do this for the name of the city that has always been the work of its own but also a part of the general history of mankind. I do this from the forehead of unbowed Sarajevo, which survived, overpowered, and overcame all forms of fascism, terror, persecution and urbicide during its turbulent and glorious history. Our brave soldiers did not allow it during the World War II. Children of this city did not allow it in the spring of 1992, when they grew into defenders overnight. Tonight again, for all of us, I thank them,” said Komsic.

He recalled that the Sarajevo withstood the longest siege in modern history of mankind, as well as many victims of which more than 1,500 was children.

“That’s why today, rightfully, along with our country and the only homeland BiH, the city of Sarajevo is seeking its rightful place in the political-cultural space of Europe. Sarajevo is not going there empty-handed. It offers its greatest treasures: specialty of coexistence of different cultures and civilizations, the wonder of its architectural harmony, the unity of charm and hospitality of its good and hardworking citizens, a wide range of festivals etc.,” said Komsic.

This is confirmed by, he said, the Sarajevo City Hall, whose 120th birthday we are celebrating in 14 days. He emphasized that this facility became an unavoidable tourist attraction which is visited by more than 120,000 people, and that numerous cultural events like weddings are hosted here.

He recalled that Sarajevo, as a sports city now, has a bicycle path that will soon be completed throughout the whole city. He recalled that Sarajevo and Eastern Sarajevo will host European Youth Olympic Festival in 2019, and that we are ready for this event.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)

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