UN Report publishes Interesting Predictions for City of Capljina in 2100!


The recent UN report on the Atmospheric Pollution Rate of the Earth stated that humanity did not only increase CO2 levels to the highest level in human history last year, but we did it faster than ever before.

With these trends and lobbying of oil, gas and coal-based companies that are earning on carbon and investing billions of EUR and USD in the promotion of further use of fossil fuels, the world is more and more distant from being saved from global warming worse than 2 °C in this century, which the world nations agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement, and let alone stop at 1.5 °C, which was proposed as a especially ambitious goal.

The way things are standing now and even with optimistic predictions, the world will be warmer by 3 °C by 2100 at this rate.

The recent article published on this topic in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. stated that the sea level around the world will increase by 4.3 and 9.9 meters by the end of the century according to those scenarios, in relation to averages before drastic changes across the Earth due to climate change.

Only five years after the official forecast predicted the rise of the sea by 1.5 meters, which was considered as extreme forecasts, suddenly it turns out that moderate predictions are several times worse than that.

The Neretva Valley is the most vulnerable area in our country when it comes to climate change. In case of 4 meters rise, Opuzen, Metkovic, and Ploce would disappear in the territory of Croatia, and Capljina would get its own riviera.

However, the sea would not stop there and Capljina would most probably be flooded, while the sea could even reach halfway up to Mostar, where agriculture would not be possible under such conditions.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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