UK ambassador Nigel Casey to visit Banja Luka

Nigel_casey (1)UK Ambassador to BiH Nigel Casey will visit tomorrow Banja Luke where he’ll meet with RS Prime Minister Željka Cvijanović, with president of RS National Assembly Igor Radojičić and with president of SDS Mladen Bosić.

Together with Minister of Internal Affairs Radislav Jovičić and Minister of Justice Goran Zlatković, Casey will present the results of the project ‘Efficient fight and prevention of corruption in RS’. The project was financed by the Government of the UK and the result of the project is the development of strategy and action plan for fight against corruption in RS, reported the UK Embassy to BIH.

Also, Casey will visit School of Nursing in Banja Luka that successfully participates in the project Connecting Classrooms. This project is led by British Council in BiH and it is financially supported by the UK Embassy.

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