U.S. General Cavoli during Exercise: It was difficult to distinguish Members of AFBiH and the U.S. Army

The commander of the Army of the United States (U.S.) for Europe and Africa, general Christopher Cavoli, who arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) as a young soldier after the war, said on Saturday that he could not use appropriate words to describe the feelings he has when he sees the progress made in BiH.

“I am proud and happy to be here and for us to implement an exercise with your army. It is not easy to organize such an exercise, and the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH) did a good job. During the exercise, we showed real interoperability. I had binoculars and it was difficult for me to recognize who the AFBiH was and who the U.S. Army. Minister Podzic told me that members of the AFBiH are the ones who run faster. These exercises are important to contribute to BiH’s preservation of territorial integrity and stability in this region,” he told.

He emphasized that such bilateral exercises of the AFBiH and the U.S. Army present what can be achieved.

“And we can achieve everything together. We are looking forward to cooperation with the AFBiH and the fact that this cooperation will continue during your path to NATO integration. We are truly the strongest when we are together,” Klix.ba writes.


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