Two Users of the Home for Elderly in Gorazde passed away, more than half infected

In the Home for the Elderly in Gorazde, more than half of the users and two workers tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday, while two infected people died.

Anes Begovic, the director of this home, confirmed for “Nezavisne” that 23 users, out of a total of 43, are positive for the coronavirus and two workers, a nurse and a caregiver, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Begovic told the media that two users of this home who had been diagnosed with the coronavirus had passed away.

“These are people from Gorazde who were positive for coronavirus, but had associated chronic diseases and were in a serious condition. A woman, 85 years old, could not eat for a month and a half, was on infusions. An older man, who was 90 years old, also had several associated diseases. They did not have pronounced symptoms of Covid-19. Therefore, their health condition was very poor and without the virus, “Begovic said.

He added that none of the 23 infected had severe symptoms of Covid-19.

“The clinical picture of the infected is good, no one has more severe symptoms, they feel even better than on Saturday.

The patients had vomiting and fever, which almost none of them have anymore, and a large number of them have no symptoms of Covid-19,” said Begovic.

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