Two-thirds of Deaths recorded in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Persons of over 65 Years of age

Federal Minister of Health Vjekoslav Mandic sent a message in Sarajevo on Wednesday to all residents of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity, and especially to pensioners, asking from them to respect the restrictions on movement which is currently in force.

According to him, statistics show that two-thirds of deaths are over 65 years of age, Fena news agency reports.

“So it’s the group that is most at risk. Understand that we do not want to restrict your freedoms. You know that we do not currently have an adequate cure for this disease, we do not have a vaccine yet developed.  The only tool we have in our hands is to prevent the spread of the virus, as it only extends its life from one person to another,” Mandic said.

He added that if this was prevented, the spread of the disease would be stopped.

The second death from coronavirus infection was confirmed this morning in Brcko District. This is a 68-year-old man who belonged to a cluster of the Heart Center Hospital in Tuzla, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Mayor of Brcko District, Sinisa Milic, confirmed that a man born in 1952 who was infected with a coronavirus died in this city this morning.

“This man was infected while undergoing treatment at the Heart Center in Tuzla, as was the man who passed away earlier,” Milic said.

“There are currently seven people in the hospital who are accomodated in the ward for coronavirus-infected patients. Of those, the median age is three and the elderly are four,” Milic said.

Six patients had a lighter clinical picture, while one patient had a more severe clinical picture.

In Brcko, coronavirus infection was confirmed in 18 people. There are 1,333 people under medical supervision.

Currently, there are 1,095 cases of coronavirus positive patients in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 234 recovered and 41 dead.

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