Two Thirds of Households in BiH have Internet Access

Last year in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), around 66 percent of households had Internet access, and 33.3 percent did not, while 63.6 percent of households had access to the computer.

According to a research by the Agency for Statistics BiH, the most common reasons why the household does not have Internet access is that they do not need it, which confirmed 51.1 percent, and 41.8 percent declare that they do not have skills for that.

When it comes to the type of internet used in households, 62.9 percent have a fixed broadband connection such as ADSL, DSL, VDSL, cable, fiber optic or satellite connection.

The research was conducted on a sample of 9.066 households, and data was collected by combined methods, telephone survey and face-to-face questionnaire survey method.

Only those households with at least one member between the age of 16 to 74 are involved in this research.


(Source: Klix.ba)

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