Two modern Ophthalmology Devices put into Operation at KCUS

The director of KCUS, Sebija Izetbegovic, put into operation two modern ophthalmic devices at the Ophthalmology Clinic of the KCUS. They are diode laser and a Constellation device.

The diode laser is used for continuation of therapy after applying anti-VGT factor and preparation of a patient for surgery of the eye.

“Diode laser is used on patients who are suffering from diabetes, arterial hypertension and various types of injuries. In this way, patients are prepared for vitreoretinal surgery because it is not possible to perform this procedure without the application of anti-VGF factor and a diode laser,” said Prof. Dr. Amila Alikadic – Husovic.

The new Constellation device includes units for the front and posterior segment of the eye and an echo laser. It is the most modern generation of devices that are intended for more complex operative procedures in ophthalmology. The biggest advantage of the device is the operative surgery of the posterior segment of the eye – vitrectomy. It provides safety during the procedures, as well as the possibility of applying new operative interventions in the field of ophthalmology that are minimally invasive.

Director Izetbegovic visited the clinic and noted her satisfaction with the progress achieved there. She also attended the first procedure on a patient with Constellation device.

“The rooms are fully used and clean. Patients are satisfied. There are no more crowds on the corridors. All patients receive their service until 11 a.m. We were forced to send patients abroad before, but that is not the case now. Finally, the Ophthalmology Clinic is able to provide complete ophthalmology services for our citizens,” noted Izetbegovic.

(Source: klix.ba)




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