Two Members of BiH Presidency met with HR Schmidt

In his address to the media after the meeting with the new High Representative, BiH Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic said that today’s meeting took place at the request of the High Representative.

The topics were various, among others: the election law, Mini Schengen, the arrest of Edin Vranj in Serbia, but also the political situation in BiH in light of the current blockades of institutions evidenced by representatives from the Republika Srpska.

Komsic pointed out certain disagreements with Schmidt, when it comes to the reform of the election law. According to Komsic, the High Representative is in favor of Fule’s model.

As for the story of Mini Schengen, which Serbia stands for, Komsic says he had to explain the chronology of the Berlin Process to Schmidt. He did not want to interpret Schmidt, who skillfully avoided meeting with journalists, but, as he said, he got the impression that the new High Representative does not have a complete picture of BiH and that, as he says, he is missing some puzzles.

Regarding the format of the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Komsic said that he got the impression that Germany was making Serbia their headquarters in the Western Balkans, but that BiH would not allow itself to find itself in a subordinate position, Federalna writes.

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