Two interesting Workshops held at Spark Business Park

April 20, 2017 2:45 PM

spark mostar centar ITOn Tuesday, 18 April 2017, two interesting workshops were held: “Dynamic Facebook Marketing” and “Facebook for Business”. The lecturer was Ivica Penić, co-founder of Grow Up Academy. He had the opportunity to share his knowledge and long experience with SPARK startups, members of SPARK group, sales and marketing employees, but also to all those who wanted to find out how to take advantage of all Facebook’s features, the most popular social network. The “Facebook for Business” workshop was free and open to all interested visitors who gathered in large numbers to listen to this experienced marketing specialist.

During the lecture, he gave the answers to the following questions: how to use social networks to attract attention and make interaction with potential clients, which tools to use for promotion and sale and how to formulate a relevant sales message intended only for a particular segment of customers. He also emphasized the importance of knowing who are the customers of our products and what their needs are in order to achieve more effective internet promotion and the return of investment.

The workshop ended with a giveaway for three happy winners: “Dynamic Facebook Marketing” program with 27 video lessons, 15 online sales tools, and 7 online forms.

(Source: spark)


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