Two Hundred Companies fined with 300,000 BAM for Increase of Prices


Director of the Federal Inspectorate Administration Anis Ajdinovic said that up to 200 companies have been punished to date for failing to comply with the decision on basic food prices, Avaz news portal reports.

 As he explained, as of March 15, 197 violations were found for changing prices despite orders from the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By issuing misdemeanor warrants, fines in the total amount of 311,200 BAM have been collected.

Currently, 24,743 isolation decisions have been issued and the number is declining as we have fewer and fewer passengers coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the last 24 hours, a quarantine decision was made for 193 people, and the majority of them are in the Una-Sana Canton, a total of 72,” said Ajdinovic.

As he said, there was an overload in Maljevac because there were not enough tents, so USK authorities were asked to try to find a solution with the hotel owners to turn their facilities into quarantines.

Ajdinovic also said that isolation had expired for 17,031 people so far.

Let’s continue on the right path, the right measures have been adopted that have prevented the spread of coronavirus in the country,Ajdinovic said.

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