Two French People generously welcomed a Couple from Syria

couple frenchNaziha and Robert Kunz from the French town of Tournus have been trying to find a buyer for their restaurant for six months.

However, after no one wanted to buy it, they gifted the restaurant called “L’Etape Gourmande” to a pair from Syria who has just moved to France.

The couple from France said for the newspaper “Le Journal”, that during the last six months they have talked to about 150 potential buyers, adding that they did not find anyone who would accept the conditions of sale set by them.

Naziha Kunz said that, after no one was willing to offer the money they requested, they decided to gift the restaurant to someone who doesn’t have a job nor a place to live. She added that at that time they met with a married couple from Syria.

A man and a woman from Syria, who were engaged in the organization of weddings before the war in their homeland, said , in an interview with reporters that they will generally prepare meals from Syrian and Lebanese cuisine in the restaurant they were given.


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