Two Events At Tomorrow’s Program Festival ‘Baščaršijske noći’

bascarsijske nociAs part of the festival of Baščaršijske noći, town brass music from Stolac will perform tomorrow on Trg Djece in Sarajevo.

The orchestra will start from Trg Djece and go to Sebilj on Baščaršija.

The city brass music of Stolac is an association that has existed since 1931, and was only interrupted during WWII and the war in BiH.

This composition exists as one of the most important urban symbols of Stolac and is an indispensable factor for all cultural events in the city and in the wider region.

Thus, the city brass choir, as a representative of the area from which it comes, participated at many festivals of brass music in the former Yugoslavia, where it received the highest praise and became more recognized.

As an apolitical and well-intentioned amateur organization, city brass music is the universal language of music and its way of functioning has been completely different than its environment. As part of the orchestra, today is an exercise of around 80 members.

Also as part of the festival, tomorrow in Svrzina’s house there will be a traditional program of the night of museums of Sarajevo “Do Not Forget”, and it will be dedicated to Sarajevo water.

It is known that Sarajevo and its surroundings are rich in water, and that Sarajevo is the first city in Europe that has its waterfall, and before that, there were various ways to use sources and obtain water in households.

Sarajevo was known for its fountains, its Sebilj, hamams and boundary rivers.

Emina Muftić will speak about the beauty of water, its uses, of fountains and gardens.

Water is an inexhaustible topic and in Sevdalinkas, and Mensura Bajraktarević will sing about this accompanied by a harmonica, announced the Festival of Baščaršijske noći.

(Source: Fena)

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