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Two Days left until SPARK Startup Batch

“It’s tough being an entrepreneur. SPARK knows it. You can consider SPARK a home for tech startups and digital innovators. We will help you to successfully start and develop your startup! All you have to do is to apply yourself, your team or your idea to the sixth SPARK Startup Batch. This is the first step to entering the SPARK startup program,” was announced from SPARK.

If one has scalable tech ideas (on one of these topics: games, sports data, internet of things, big data, digital media, e-commerce; or tech topic of your choice), a harmonious team, there are five reasons why you should launch your startup at SPARK:You’ll have an office: a work desk, meeting rooms, computers, internet, and other equipment every working day from 7 AM to 9, You’ll learn how to startup. Once a week, startups attend workshops on topics from the startup world, product development, business models, marketing, sales, finance, and global market.

Also, you’ll become part of the BH and European startup scene and attend cool events, namely, at least once a month, you can attend various events: conferences, workshops, meetings, competitions, hackathons, forums, teambuilding events and the like. Startups also go to the state, regional and European startup conferences. And the last, but not the least important reason is that you’ll never walk alone. The SPARK startup team, mentors, experts and our existing startups will help you overcome your daily challenges.

What if your startup fails? In that case, you as a member do not pay anything to SPARK, your potential failure is our risk we are aware of. The only thing you “lose” is the time you invested in building your skills and network of acquaintances in the business world, and that time is never lost!

Now that we’ve convinced you to have nothing to lose, here’s the most important dates:03.9.- 26.9. Open applications for SPARK Startup Batch #6 02.10. Selection of teams and individuals for Startup Bootcamp 15.10.- 17.10. Startup Bootcamp (three-day startup workshops) 18.10. Pitching before the Board (shortlisted startups only) 29.10. Final decision sounds interesting? Apply ASAP. Students, professionals, independent entrepreneurs, developers, designers – you are all welcome!

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