Two more Days for Begovic’s Decision

asmirbegovic-696x456Still, it is not certain if Asmir Begovic will decide to move from Chelsea in Borunemouth.

The deadline for decision is Tuesday, hence two more days. Coach Antonio Conte said that Begovc’s leaving would be difficult for him, but that he would respect his decision if Asmir would decide to leave.

“We will have all the needed information in the upcoming days. I hope that he will make the right decision for his future career. It will be difficult for me not to work with Begovic anymore, even though he was not of those players who play a prominent role in the team in every round, ” added Conte.

Unofficially, besides Begovic, Branislav Ivanovic is also a candidate to leave Chelsea. Probaly, Ivanovic will  be replaced with Wesr Bromwich.

Yesterday, Begovic defended the Cup match against Brentford and this could easily be his last game playing for Chelsea.

(Source: fokus)

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