Two-Day Conference on Gender Issues in Security Sector in B&H Began

1234919_724386730923753_924061246_nGender issues in the security sector in B&H is the topic of a two-day conference that began in Sarajevo today, organized by the Center for training to support peace missions (PSOTC) and EUFOR.

Participants of the conference-contact people for gender issues from the Ministry of Defense of B&H, B&H Armed Forces (OSBiH), Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police Agencies and B&H Ministry of Security will consider issues tied to gender equality, human rights and the involvement and specific needs of women in the security sector.

In the introduction to the conference, Commander of EUFOR General Major Dieter Heidecker said that for the past few years in B&H significant progress in terms of inclusion and participation of women in the security sector has been reached.

Assessing that this conference is an important step towards this path, Commander of EUFOR recalled that the UN Security Council has so far adopted seven resolutions as part of the activities in the area of ‘Women, Peace and Security’.

(Source: Fena)

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