Two Buyers interested in 52 million BAM worth Property of Factory Konjuh

There are two potential buyers of property and land of the furniture factory “Konjuh” from Zivinice, but the sale has not been realized yet, since there are no conditions for separation of this former giant.

The entire property of Konjuh from Zivinice was estimated at 52 million BAM, but no one offered even similar price for the factory with all the accompanying facilities in the seven rounds of sale.

There are two interested buyers at the moment, one of them offered around 16 million BAM for land, while the other one offered 30 million BAM for the factory, but the sale has not been realized yet due to the inability to separate these properties.

“It is very important to sell the assets in order for our workers to go to retirement, but also to continue with the production that already exists in our factory. The buyer who wants to purchase the production factory of Konjuh is planning to continue with our production activities,” said Trakic.

A bankruptcy proceeding in Konjuh was initiated back in October 2016 on the proposal of the Development Bank of the FBiH, which claimed the amount of 110, 000 BAM from this company.

More than a thousand workers passed through the halls of Konjuh on a daily basis. In the last seven years, around 800 of them left the factory, and there are 267 employees now, out of which 237 are in the Register of Employment Bureau of TC.

Currently, around 30 workers are engaged in the process of the production of furniture, and the largest demand for products is in the RS.

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