Two Bosnians found a Bag with 5,000 Euros and returned to Citizen of Kuwait


On Wednesday, August 28th, two men working in forest of the Fojnica Cantonal Division, by order of the manager Nedzad Sehovic, visited the regular area from Jezernica near Prokosko Lake.

During the exploration, they noticed a black purse on Vlaska Ravan.

“When we looked better, the purse contained documents and plane tickets and two envelopes with money, in convertible marks and euros, somewhere around 10,000 BAM. We found the number in the purse, the certificate and the mobile, we called that number, they had translator and he helped them to find me at my house and return their documents and money. We later learned that they were citizens of Kuwait and that they went to Prokosko Lake, and the purse was on the roof of the car, and when they started the engine, the purse slipped,” Amel Merdzanic, one of persons who found the bag told Avaz newspapers.

He added that they immediately decided to return the money and documents to the owner without thinking, because they “felt it was right, especially since they were foreign nationals.”

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