Twinning of Municipalities Stari Grad and Mamak from Turkey

starigradThe Mayor of municipality Stari Grad in Sarajevo Ibrahim Hadžibajrić and Mayor of the Turkish municipality Mamak Mesut Akgul signed in Turkey an agreement on twinning and cooperation.

This agreement would contribute to the strengthening of local communities, their interconnection, as well as the linking of citizens and people of these two municipalities. The cooperation between municipality Stari Gra and Mamk, among other things, would be based on the realization of projects of mutual interest in the area of economy, culture, education, tourism, sport, as well as environmental protection and cultural heritage.

The aim of the protocol is the promotion of all cultural, social and human ties between the two peoples in the framework of their historical affiliation, and the strengthening of historical, cultural, scientific, industrial, trade, technical, artistic, health, sports and touristic ties between Stari Grad and Mamak.

Municipality Stari Grad in the last few years signed protocol on cooperation with 17 municipalities and cities from several countries. Until now, Stari Grad has twinned with municipalities and cities from Turkey, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Italy, as well as municipalities in B&H.

In this way, they show a commitment and readiness to develop good neighborly relations with municipalities and cities, as well as the promotion of fundamental principles of tolerance and coexistence.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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