Twenty-year-old Bosnian already has a Successful Company

“You call. You write. They answer. You take on a shirt, get into the car, take the sample. You give a good price and that is it.” This is how 20-year-old Amar Murtic, founder and owner of the company AMAG Profile Ltd., operates his business.

He founded the company specialized in the production of PVC profiles back in October 2017. At the moment, this company employs 20 workers and exports to five countries of the EU.

The story of this company started with just one product, and they developed ten of them in only couple of months. Amar said that they use domestic materials and that a good product opened all the doors for them.

“I have worked with similar products before and that experience helped me a lot, it actually encouraged me to try to develop my own business. I saw my chance to stay here in it,” noted Amar.

“We are currently working for Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia … These are markets where you cannot succeed if you do not have a good product. Of course, we work in BiH as well, but if there was no export, all of this would not be possible,” stated Amar.

He and his team are focused on the expansion of their product range and opening of new workplaces. Amar is hoping that the situation with the departure of young people from our country will change in the upcoming period.

I really hope that the situation will change. Just believe in yourself, listen to your feelings, and if you get the opportunity to start a business and you have a good foundation for it, use that . Many people were in my place and did not succeed, and we as young people have to do everything in our power in order for this country to move forward,” said Amar.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)






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