Twenty Victims identified for the Funeral in Potocari so far

The first collective funeral in the Memorial Center Srebrenica-Potocari was conducted 15 years ago. The first 600 victims of the genocide in Srebrenica, which was committed back in July 1995, were buried in the memorial part of the Memorial Center. A total of 6,575 victims have been buried in the graveyard of the Memorial Center until this day.

Spokesperson for the Missing Persons Institute in BiH, Lejla Cengic, noted that 20 victims of genocide that should be buried at a collective funeral on July 11, this year, have been identified so far.

Cengic noted that this is not the final number of victims that will be buried in Potocari this year. The process of identification of victims will be conducted in the upcoming period in Podrinje Identification Project (PIP) in Tuzla.

She also added that remains of 47 victims who were officially identified are currently in the PIP. Also, mortal remains of 133 victims who were identified on the basis of DNA analysis, but not by their family members are in PIP. These are active cases that will be identified in the future period.

She stated that the last mass grave from which were exhumed victims of genocide was a mass grave discovered in the locality of Kozluk near Zvornik. Back then, 55 mortal remains were exhumed, of which 15 complete and 40 incomplete remains of genocide victims.

She noted that until now, the process of re-exhumation has been conducted with the aim of association with 544 victims of genocide, and 10 victims of genocide were re-exhumed in other local graveyards.

Cengic reminded that 6,575 victims of genocide were buried in the Memorial Center Potocari, and 235 victims were buried outside Potocari in the local graveyards, according to wishes of their family members.

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