Twenty Three Foreign Nationals removed from the Territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Foreigners Affairs Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina is conducting intensified operational activities aimed at controlling the movement and stay of foreigners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to suppress illegal migration and conduct removal of illegal migrants from BiH.

In the last seven days, the Service expelled 23 foreign nationals from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including 19 Turkish nationals, two Tunisians, one Iranian and one Slovak national.

Foreign nationals were previously ordered to be deported and they stayed under supervision at the Immigration Center until they were removed from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pursuant to the Readmission Agreement with the Republic of Serbia, Tunisian citizens were returned to the Republic of Serbia, while other foreigners were returned to their countries of origin.

As a result of operational activities, the Service, due to illegal entry or residence, imposed a measure of expulsion for 18 foreign nationals with a ban on entry and residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the citizens of Morocco, Nepal, Libya, Albania, Slovakia and Turkey.

The mentioned foreign nationals were placed under supervision in the Immigration Center or their movement was restricted until they left the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the last seven days, the Service registered 160 migrants who expressed intention to apply for asylum, which is 23 percent less than in the previous week, when 210 migrants expressed intention to apply for asylum.

There are 6,261 migrants currently staying in temporary reception centers in BiH.

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