Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Washington Agreement signing

For four days at the end of February 1994 at the State Department in Washington, Ambassadors Redman and Galbraith conducted proximity talks between a Croatian delegation led by Foreign Minister Mate Granic and a Bosnian delegation led by Prime Minister Haris Silajdzic. On March 1 the Croatians and Bosnians agreed to a framework for a federation of Croat and Bosniac majority areas in Bosnia-Herzegovina and a preliminary agreement for a confederation between the Federation and Croatia.

At a White House ceremony March 18, 1994, Prime Minister Silajdzic and Bosnian Croat leader Zubak signed a Constitution for the Federation. At the same time Presidents Tudjman and Izetbegovic initialed the preliminary agreement on the confederation.

The undersigned have agreed on the attached Framework Agreement establishing a Federation in the areas of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a majority Bosniac and Croat population and on the attached outline of a Preliminary Agreement for a Confederation between the Republic of Croatia and the Federation.

Bosniacs and Croats, as constituent peoples (along with others) and citizens of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the exercise of their sovereign rights, transform the internal structure of the territories with a majority of Bosniac and Croat population in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina into a Federation, which is composed of federal units with equal rights and responsibilities.

The decisions on the constitutional status of the territories of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a majority of Serb population shall be made in the course of negotiations toward a peaceful settlement and at the International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia, was stated in the Washington Agreement.



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