Twelve Million BAM to be allocated for Renovation of Government Buildings

The federal government plans to renovate its buildings in Sarajevo and Mostar. For that purpose,  12 million BAM in this year's budget is planned, and the type of work has not been determined yet.
They stated this in response to a Klix.ba inquiry about the allegation that 20 million BAM was planned for the reconstruction of the facade of the Federation Government building in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo.

They emphasized that they planned 12 million BAM in the budget for this year for the reconstruction of their building in Sarajevo and Mostar - the Staklena banka building.

They stated that preparatory activities are underway and that it will be determined which works will have to be performed.
"We emphasize that activities are still ongoing regarding the scope of reconstruction, rehabilitation and adaptation, in order to specify the scope of works and conduct procedures in accordance with the law. Only after the completion of these activities and legal procedures can we talk about the type of work the works will be performed and the amount of funds, all within the planned and approved budget ", they explained in the FBiH Government.

We remind you that until the beginning of 2018, the seat of the entity executive power was in the same building as the seat of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Sarajevo. They paid a monthly rent to the SDP in the amount of more than 42,000 BAM and then bought part of the space in the Energoinvest building in Sarajevo, which has been used since 2018, Klix.ba writes.

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