Tuzla’s Dita was given the Green Light for exporting to the European Union

Dita Powder Detergents faktor.baGood news come from the factory of detergents “Dita” in Tuzla. The workers of this factory, during the bankruptcy last year, started the production on their own initiative, and today their range is made of 40 products which got the new ISO 2008-2015 standard.

“Getting a German ISO 2008-2015 standard means a lot to us considering the fact that now we have the green light to export products to the European Union. This standard, by which the EU confirmed the quality of our products, has also proved our assertion that we have people who know, want and can work,” saif the member of the Committee of creditors of Dita, Emina Busuladzic.

Dita employs 75 workers, who are assigned to jobs of production of liquid and powder detergents and soaps, shampoos and softeners, and operating costs are covered from the sale proceedings.

The range consists of 40 products, and if the financial structure permits, in the foreseeable future, the market could get a few more.

“We can now make more than 200 products, therefore we have the capacity, but problem for us in the development segment are finance for the purchase of raw materials,” said Busuladzic.

Dita’s products, besides the FBiH, are currently represented in Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo, and negotiations are under way for export to Germany and Sweden.

Dita still has not received its owner due to the fact that nobody answered on the previous tenders for sale.

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