Tuzla: A Working Group to Develop a Solution on the Issue of Stray Dogs

November 20, 2014 1:15 PM

dogs2With the goal to systematically resolve the problem of stray dogs in Tuzla, the Foundation of Tuzla Society, in collaboration with the Global Fund for Community Foundations, has established a working group which is trying to develop an optimal solution to this pronounced problem in the city.

The working body consists of Jasna Jašarević and Selma Memišević (Foundation for Tuzla Society), prof. Jasmin Ferizbegović and Lejla Tirić (JP Veterinary Station Tuzla), Alma Bubić (Sanitation Service, Tuzla County), Maid Fazlović (Civil Protection Service, Tuzla County), Edin Dizdarević (JP Sanitation Tuzla), Anto Bosankić (Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection), Džemila Agić and Vanja Rizvić (Center for Ecology and Energy), dr. Azra Džaferagić Franca (Public Health Department TK), Tamara Zakomac (JU Mixed High School Tuzla), Andrijana Čajić and Aldina Sejranić (Association for Animal Protection „Nirina“).

The group met two times so far during which they decided that all parties involved must be systematic and coordinated in its work in order to implement quality solutions. They also addressed the issue of the growing number of residents reporting dog bites to their doctors which further rings the alarm for concrete solutions.

“The existence of a central database with information about dogs and their owners would make the work of the overseeing authorities much easier,” proclaimed in agreement the members of the local authorities, veterinary station, public health sector, sanitation services, non-profit sector, and the association for animal protection.

Registration of dogs is currently in the process, but it continues to be sporadic and mostly motivated by owners’ desires to travel abroad with their pets; the sense of pet ownership responsibilities still remains underdeveloped. That is the reason why it is difficult to return a lost dog to their owner, while irresponsible owners go unpunished for abandoning their pets.

In the upcoming period, the working group will move forward with presenting solutions to reduce the number of stray dogs on the streets of Tuzla and through a series of activities to sensitize the public to this problem.


(Source: journalistsforanimals)



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