How Tuzla solved the Problem of Water Reductions?

water supply tip.baUnlike citizens of Sarajevo who have been dealing with water reductions for years, people of Tuzla do not have any problems with the shortage of drinking water.

In order to solve this huge problem that Tuzla has been facing for full 75 years, it took multimillion investments and the design of an exceptionally complex project which, in addition to the repair of parts of the decrepit water supply network, also included a construction of a Factory of drinking water.

For several decades, people of Tuzla had to adjust their daily schedule to the schedule of water supply. Waking up at five in the morning to pour water in bottles, barrels and canisters was an inevitable daily activity. Same thing happened in the afternoon hours, when water would flow through water pipes at 3 pm. All housework had to be completed by 6 pm, when water reduction started again, which often caused headaches to the citizens.

However, everything changed in the night from December 18 to December 19, 2006, when the factory of drinking water in the settlement Cerik was put into operation.

Team headed by the current Mayor of Tuzla Jasmin Imamović successfully coped with the problem whose solving encountered obstruction after obstruction for decades.

First stage of the project included personnel reinforcement in the Public Utility Enterprise “Water supply and sewerage” Tuzla and the Office for Utility Works, Construction and Local Community Affairs of the former Municipality of Tuzla.

After reinforcing the mentioned services and enterprises, multimillion financial means had to be provided, thanks to which the problem of daily reductions of water in Tuzla was successfully eliminated.

After the necessary funds were provided, parts of the decrepit water supply network, which constantly caused enormous losses of water in Tuzla, were reconstructed.

Following the reconstruction of the water supply network which extends from 700 to 1.000 kilometers in Tuzla, the factory of drinking water was built in Cerik. Thanks to this factory, even during the biggest summer droughts the people of Tuzla have no problems with water supply.

The factory for drinking water uses contemporary membrane technology owned by General Electric. According to Imamović, this system is also used in San Francisco and Dubai.

Imamović emphasized that long-term plans must be developed in order to prevent the problem of water reductions from happening in Tuzla ever again.

The problem of long-term drinking water supply until 2035 has already been adopted and it foresees complete repair of the water supply network with the aim of reducing additional losses.

Commenting on the reductions of water in the capital of BiH, the Mayor of Tuzla said that this problem is solvable, but that it takes enormous will.


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