Tuzla: Roads Passable, Teams Working on the Elimination of the Storm Consequences

Storm in Tuzla oslobodjenje.baAfter yesterday’s storm which, accompanied by stormy wind, hail and torrential rain, hit the wider region of Tuzla, the teams of the Public Utility Company Komunalac, the Civil Protection and other services in jurisdiction are on the field, working on the elimination of the consequences of the storm.

According to the report of the Cantonal Headquarters of the Civil Protection, in the past period the firefighting brigades had three fire extinguishing interventions. One of the biggest challenges was in the Živinice settlement Golubinjak, where a thunder strike set on fire the car dumpsite. Besides the thick, black smoke that spread over the settlements, the detonations reverberated, and the firefighters of Živinice managed to put the fire under control and afterwards extinguish it entirely. The firefighters also intervened in Gradačac and Gračanica.

In numerous Tuzla neighborhoods the citizens reported the roof damage, since the hail which fell was approximately the size of an egg. Also, a large number of private vehicles and other objects in private ownership were damaged.

Several residential buildings were flooded with torrent waters in the settlements Krojčica and Mramor, and there was also an electrical blackout in several suburban neighborhoods due to the damage on the low-voltage network. The teams of the Elektrodistribucija Tuzla have eliminated the malfunctions and established a normal supply in a short period of time.

In Tuzla, the traffic lights were not operating at several most frequent intersections after the storm. the employees of the Public Utility Company Saobraćaj i komunikacije  eliminated the majority of the damage, but failed to put into operation the traffic light next to the building Sodaso (Slatina neighborhood) and Shopping Mall Konzum, and therefore called on the drivers for additional caution.

The final summary of the damage on residential buildings, vehicles and infrastructure, as well as on the crops, is expected during the day.

(Source: Klix.ba/ Photo: oslobodjenje.ba)



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