Tuzla marks the 25th Anniversary of the horrific Massacre in Kapija


Today, Tuzla marks the 25th anniversary of the horrific massacre in Kapija, when the grenade was fired from Ozren Mountain on May 25, 1995, killing 71 people and wounded more than 200.

This massacre, also known as the crime over Tuzla’s Youth, is one of the worst crimes committed against civilians in Tuzla.

A commemorative event, a memory of the victims of the tragedy and all civilian victims of the recent war, began today in Slana Banja by laying wreaths and flowers in commemoration of the civilian victims of the massacre.

Numerous friends began to come to the location of the “Aleja Mladosti” Memorial Complex where they visited the eternal rest of innocent civilians whose lives were interrupted on the Day of Youth.

The grenade from Ozren fired on that date the Serbian army under Novak Đukić’s command, who ordered the shooting of civilian targets in Tuzla with cannon missiles.

Novak Djukic is at liberty today and resides in Serbia whose citizenship he owns.


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