Tuzla to get 3 million BAM worth Catholic Cultural Center on Christmas 2018

The new complex of the Catholic Cultural Center will be constructed at a locality where the Catholic church in Tuzla was placed for decades and suffered great damage due to the landslide and had to be demolished in 1987, and it should be officially open on Christmas 2018.

The works on the construction of the Catholic Cultural Center “Sveti Franjo” in Tuzla are taking place for six years and the guardian of the Franciscan monastery “Sv. apostola Petra i Pavla (St. Peter and Paul)” in Tuzla, Fr. Mario Divkovic, revealed that the accompanying facility should be functional and put into operation in the middle of the next year.

The conceptual solution provides that the Catholic Cultural Center symbolizes the ruined church and the space will be intended for the cultural manifestations that the Franciscan monastery in Tuzla organizes in cooperation with other institutions.

The value of the entire project is estimated at 3,200,000 BAM, and in case that all financial resources are procured, the complex should be functional on Christmas 2018.

“We already invested more than 2 million BAM in the building so far. We are already working on the interior of both buildings. The accompanying facility should be finished by the end of April and I hope that the works on the universal hall should be done in the month of August,” stated Divkovic.

The guardian from Tuzla noted that the main aim of the Catholic Cultural Center “Sveti Franjo” is to be a place for good words, pleasant meetings and agreement.

(Source: A. K./Klix.ba)


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