What was the Turnover on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange?

saseIn yesterday’s trading on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange was recorded a total turnover of 10,293,780 BAM, and within 24 transactions was traded with a total of 670 379 securities.

A special auction of shares of the Closed Investment Fund “Naprijed” Sarajevo in the amount of 9,922,852 BAM was held as well, and in one transaction was traded with 592,763 stocks.

The value of Bifiks was not changed in comparison to the previous trading, while at the same time the value of the index “Sasiks-10” fell by 1.83 index points to 609.48 points, and it represents a decrease of 0.30 % in comparison to the previous trading.

The value of index Sasiks-30 increased by 3, 56 index points to 951.03 points, which represents a growth of 0.38 % in comparison to the last trade.

The value of SASE Islamic index was increased by 25, 32 index points to 10,050.52 points, which compared to the last trade represent growth of 0.25 %.

On listing of investment funds was recorded total turnover in the amount of 246 BAM, and in a single transaction was traded with 137 stocks.

At the listing of bonds were traded in the amount of 46,961 BAM and within 13 transactions was traded with 47 488 bonds of the FBiH.

On the Free Market – ST1 was achieved a total turnover of 322 369 BAM, and through seven transactions was traded with 29,300 stocks.

The highest turnover on the Free Market – ST1, was registered with stocks of “Elektroprivreda BiH” Sarajevo in the amount of 296,240 BAM.

On the Free Market – ST2 was achieved a total turnover of 1.349 BAM and in two transactions was traded with 691 stocks, and the highest recorded flip was recorded with stocks of “ZIM” Zenica in the amount of 1,126 BAM.

(Source: N1)

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