Turkish Development Agency Continues to Support Media in B&H

tv-rezijaThe Turkish Development Agency (TIKA) will continue to support media in B&H.

In 2013, TIKA provided support to BHRT with equipment in order to strengthen the capacity of signal and developed production in order to improve the conditions for the digitalization that is designed to work in three phases.

TIKA donated equipment that will offer the opportunity to broadcast new modern programs, which will help to achieve a multifunctional concept of a production system and to install ‘24/7 Playout Systems for broadcasting’, according to EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

Another important media project of TIKA for 2013 is the channel ‘BH Veza’, which in the next few months will see the light of day. This is a television program of Cantons (Tuzla, Una-Sana, Bosnian Podrinja and Sarajevo Canton) that will be broadcast also on satellite.

(Source: Fena)

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