Turkey to finance the Construction of Headquarters of the IC BiH?

The continuation of the construction of administrative headquarters of the Islamic Community of BiH in the settlement Kovaci in Sarajevo should start soon, as reported by BH Information Service INS.

The continuation of works on the construction of this facility, whose foundation stones have been laid almost 10 years ago, will be financed by the Republic of Turkey.

The INS informative service received an unofficial information that the Protocol on the continuation of the construction of the building of Rijaset of IC BiH will be officially signed with the General Vaqf Directorate of Turkey on Wednesday, October 25.

The contract will be signed by Dr. Hfz. Senaid Zaimovic, the Director of the Vaqf Directorate of BiH and Dr. Adnan Ertem, the Director of the General Vaqf Directorate of Turkey.

There is a great need of the Islamic Community of BiH for this administrative space.

That is why the project idea was re-projected because the building previously had a residential character. The Islamic Community made the decision that this space will be organized in a manner so that all administrations, offices, services, and departments will function under one roof in a single complex.

This facility was under the construction for several years, but it was stopped due to the lack of money. It is estimated that around 2.5 million BAM has already been invested in the facility so far, and at least 10 million BAM is needed for completion of works.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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