Tunnel Prenj to be constructed, the Motorway to be shortened by 18 km

corridorAmendments of the Government of FBiH on the proposal of the spatial plan for areas with specific characteristics of importance for BiH on “Corridor 5C”, were adopted at yesterday’s session of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of FBiH, and representatives of the House of Peoples will declare on that topic today.

“The most significant changes are related to the section Konjic (loop Ovcari) – Mostar North, and with the amendment, that was proposed by the Public Highways of FBiH, and it offers cheaper and better solution for tunnel Prenj. The same proposal will shorten motorway route 18 km which increases the profitability of the project,” said Deputy Minister of Physical Planning of FBiH, Zdenko Antunovic.

Also, part of motorway on the section Mostar North – Mostar South was agreed as well. Instead of passing through Blagaj, it is shifted to pass between the Mostar Airport and the main road M17. It completely changed the position of the loop Mostar – South, which enabled easier and faster connection between the motorway and the main road M17.

The amendments provided the possibility of taking the installation of energy infrastructure, water supply, telecommunications, postal installation, in accordance with the spatial and technical capabilities in the area of Corridor 5C (the buffer zone) and in the title of the planning document was defined a 20 year period of validity of the spatial plan, after publication of the Decision on adopting the plan in the official Gazette of the FBiH.

“These amendments included the complete and defined route of Corridor 5C from Svilaj (border with Croatia in the north) to Bijaca in the south, on the border with Croatia, which will allow the Corridor 5C and the Adriatic-Ionian highway, and determined the final position of the motorway route through the territory of BiH,” said Antunovic.

Government’s amendments envisaged correction of the route Doboj-South to Drivusa, which solves the issue of connection of highway Tuzla-Zepce on the highway on the Corridor 5C and defines the route of the Corridor 5C through Zepce.

The conceptual design of inter-regional hub in the south area of Zepce was prepared as well.

These amendments, which are related to complete and confirmed route prepared by the Ministry of Physical Planning of FBiH at the proposal of PC Highways of the FBiH and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of FBiH.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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