Tuka: I am proud that I have managed to reach the Finals of the Diamond League

The best bh. athlete Amel Tuka, winner of silver and bronze medals from the world championships in Doha and Beijing, won a place in the finals of the Diamond League. On that occasion, today on his Facebook profile, he responded to the criticism of a part of the public that referred to his recent results.

“I will repeat once again how proud I am to have managed to reach the finals of the Diamond League. For those who don’t know, this is my first Diamond Final and I am extremely proud of that feat, despite all the problems I have encountered “, wrote Tuka, adding:

“I can’t say that it didn’t hurt when I read: ‘Here only the seventh, Here only the sixth'”! Yes, it hurt me, because that seventh place brought me a place in the finals, where only the best in the world can be placed, and Bosnia and Herzegovina will have me in that final and I will put my heart on my coat of arms again, because that is my flag, which I wear with pride “, stated Tuka.

He pointed out that he is happy when he sees how many boys and girls train in athletics and how much the support of active athletes means to them.

“Therefore, don’t say that someone is” only sixth “or” only seventh “because of these children, who have yet to love this sport and make results for Bosnia and Herzegovina”… He is still better than hundreds of them, who would give everything if in that place… Well, don’t mind. Amel loves you “, wrote Tuka on his Facebook profile.

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