Trump offers Michael Flynn Position of National Security Advisor

donald-trump-2Newly elected U.S. president Donald Trump offered the former commandant of the Military Intelligence Michael Flynn the position of national security advisor, thus promoting a strong critic of the current U.S. foreign policy to a key post in the White House.

The choice of Flynn is a reflection of first Trump’s hints to allies and rivals about his foreign policy course when he assumes the office. It is unclear whether Flynn, a retired army general, accepted the offer, although a high official of the transition team confirmed on Thursday that the newly elected president offered him that post. The official is not authorized to speak about the topic and requested anonymity.

Flynn was a strong critic of military and foreign policy of the President Barrack Obama long before he started advising Trump about national security issues during the pre-election campaign. While the position of national security advisor does not require a confirmation from the Senate, Flynn will be working in the West Wing of the White House and will have an easy access to the president.

Flynn, who is about to turn 58, built his reputation of a poignant intelligence professional and harsh speaker when he became the director of the Military Intelligence in 2012. After retiring two years later, he clearly stated that he is not satisfied with the approach of Obama’s administration to global issues and fight against the militants of the Islamic State.

Flynn invited Washington to cooperate more closely with Moscow, reiterating similar Trump’s statements. His approach to Russia concerned some experts in the domain of national security.


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