TripAdvisor: Sarajevo tea shop among the best in the world

franz-sophieSarajevo tea shop ‘Franz & Sophie’ was included in the 10% most successful teashops in the world, accoding to TripAdvisor , a web page for travel planning, reports klix.ba

Teashop ‘Franz & Sophie’ received a TripAdvisor Certificat of Excellence which is an award given for hospitality, and it is given to objects all over the world and only 10% of all objects receive the award.

Teashop ‘Franz & Sophie’ noted that the TripAdvisor functions on the base of positive and negative marks which are given by tourists, and noted that last year the shop was the best rated in Sarajevo, and the result is very good this year as well.

In order to receive a TripAdvisor Certificate, object must have at least four points (out of five) and must be on the TripAdvisor’s list for at least 12 months. Additional criteria include the number of reviews during 12 months.

(photo: tripadvisor)

Vice-president of Marketing of TripAdvisor Alison Copus said that Certificate of Excellence is given to best objects and it is based on the reviews by the costumers

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