TripAdvisor: Jajce, the Place of Paradise (Part 2)

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“They should be on the list of UNESCO,” said one of the commentator on TripAdvisor. More than dozen of old Bosnian traditional watermills, built right next to each other on the water of Pliva River, will make an astonishing effect on every visitor who comes near these jewels of civilization. Watermills and trails next to them are going along the pristine green cold stream, full of green algae, rocks, trout and dragonflies.

“Watermills are not in the use, they have been declared as the Monument of B&H and they are under the protection. In order to see them or walk along their trails there are no admissions charged and everything is available without paying anything. Many wedding photographers are coming to the watermills, in order to make outstanding footage at this location. I highly recommend Pliva watermills to any backpacker, lover of history, culture and nature lover, hiker, romantic or a photographer,” said a commentator.

Fortress of Jajce

For this place the commentator said that you can feel the history on it. Above all, he notes, there is a beautiful waterfall that will take your breath away.

For AVNOJ Museum, the commentator said that he knew what happened in the building of the museum back in 1943, but when he came in he was not so impressed, however, that feeling did not last for very long.

“It felt like I was walking in an abandoned municipal building. Then the main curator of the museum opened the door of exhibition and I was astonished. The story about the return into the past. Feeling of history and the events was almost overwhelming. The main room was full of rows of chairs that were facing the stage, and in the first raw was the chair that looked a lot like a home chair. Josip Broz Tito sat there. Small exhibitions were all over the room, with panels for B&H, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia – each country tells its own experience from the World War II and the years that lead to decisions of AVNOJ. The focus is mostly on the anti-fascist movement. As a political historian, I was in heaven,” concluded the commentator on TripAdvisor.

Catacombs of Jajce

A commentator on TripAdvisor said that the Catacombs are beautiful, historic building engraved into the rock, back in the 14th century.

“Entrance ticket is 2 BAM, it is worth of visit. Young man at the entrance will take you through the building and tell you the history of the “Catacombs.” He is very educated and he will answer all your questions about the history of Jajce.”

Besides descriptions of top attractions of Jajce, on the site you can also see impressions of tourists related to accommodations in Jajce, and several restaurants that tourists are visiting when they come to Jajce. Comments are very positive.


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