Trial Production in the New Factory ‘Violeta’ at End of 2013

violetaThe construction of a factory for the production of hygienic products for body care and liquid detergent by the company ‘Violeta’, being built in Grude, is nearing its end.

‘’It is planned to start with the installation of equipment in November, after which trial production can start. Production could begin at the end of December 2013/beginning of January 2014’’, said the Director of Violeta Petar Ćorluka.

Violeta will begin with products for body care (shampoo, liquid soaps), as well as household products-dishwashing detergent, liquid detergents, etc. With the construction of this factory, Violeta will invest around 30 million BAM, and the capacities will expand, depending on the market situation. Around 40 people are expected to be employed.


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